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4623138, Saab, 9-3, Engine, Engine mounting, Mount, 9-3v1
€ 89,  (€ 107,69 incl. VAT)
Own label
12796081, 12799815, 93175327, 93186387, Saab, 9-3, Suspension, Wheel hubs, Wheel bearing kits, Steering, Bearings, Front, Seals, Wheel, Hub, With, Abs, Sensor, 9-3ss
€ 78,70  (€ 95,23 incl. VAT)
Febi Bilstein
12769686, 12844161, 4911541, Saab, 9-3, 9-5, Body, Emblems, Hood, Interior, Emblem, Bonnet, 9-5/9-3ss, Origineel
€ 24,50  (€ 29,64 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
12760057, 12767603, 12780131, 12824104, 12824105, Saab, 9-3, Accessories, Interior, Mat sets, Floor, Mat, Set, Black, With, Strip, Ss, /, Se
€ 49,  (€ 59,29 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
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