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You can place your speed order and have it delivered before 11:00h the next working day. (NL/Be/Lux)

Terms and conditions

1. Applicability

On all offers, orders and agreement from R&D Car Parts are, with exclusion of eventual other terms and conditions, these Terms and conditions applicable. If requested, these terms and conditions will be sent to you via e-mail.
The acceptance of an offer, placing an order, includes your acceptance of the applicability of these terms and conditions.
It is only possible to differ from these terms and conditions written, although all other provisions from these terms and conditions will remain the same.
All rights and claims, as in these terms and conditions and any further agreements made with R&D Car Parts, are also stipulated for by R&D Car Parts intermediaries and other third parties.

2. Agreement

An agreement is only concluded after acceptance of your order by R&D Car Parts. She is in power to refuse orders, and/or apply (extended) terms and conditions to this order, unless explicitly stated otherwise. In the case of a not accepted order, R&D Car Parts will inform you about this in five (5) working days after the order has been received.

3. Prices/offers

All offers from R&D Car Parts are non-binding and R&D Car Parts reserves the right to adjust her prices, especially, but not exclusively, where according to (legal) agreements.
All prices are listed in Euro’s and excluding shipping- and handling costs. New parts are listed without Dutch tax, BTW. Used parts are listed as a non-BTW item, because there is no BTW applicable. All shipping and handling costs are separately shown before the customer confirms the order.

4. Force majeure

May there be a case of force majeure and therefore delivery is not possible, R&D Car Parts has to inform the customer as soon as possible by phone with a written confirmation, without the possibility for the customer to be entitled to any form of any compensation. Therefore the customer is obliged to provide the correct address and phone number by an order.

R&D Car Parts can in case of force majeure (after contacting the customer) cancel the agreement or postpone the delivery, until the point of time where the force majeure stops to obstruct R&D Car Parts. The following cases can be considered as force majeure: late or qualitative unacceptable deliveries from one or more suppliers, obstructing (government) regulations, full or partial strikes or interference in the in- or external transportation process, riots and other disturbances that can extend the transportation process, disturbances on the Internet, email, computers and or phone/internet connections that orders placed online stagnate and or extreme weather conditions or other circumstances that contribute to an unreachable work location, or unusable work location.

5. Delivery

The delivery is always deemed to be made on behalf of R&D Car Parts, unless otherwise provised. The transport to the address of the beneficiary is on the beneficiary’s expense and risk.
The way of transport and method of carrying out the order is always chosen to the best possible solution. R&D Car Parts won’t be responsible for the choice, unless the beneficiary can prove that R&D Car Parts intentionally made mistakes.
Agreed delivery times are respected as much as possible, although if estimated delivery times are exceeded R&D Car Parts is not legally responsible and it does not qualify as a reason to cancel the order.
R&D Car Parts reserves the right to refuse to carry out orders in case of customers still having unpaid bills within the mentioned payment period.
R&D Car Parts is not liable in any case for any damage to the customer due to not supplying.
If your order is returned to sender as a result of not accepting the delivery or a failed delivery attempt by the delivery service, this does not entitle you to a new delivery. It also gives no right to delivery to a different address or to cancel your order.
Customer agrees that if the delivery service is unable to deliver the shipment due to absence of the recipient, the shipment will be delivered to one of the neighbours if possible.
Delivery delays do not give the customer the right to cancel the order or the right to a new delivery.
If the recepient is not at home, the delivery service can leave a written request to contact them for a new delivery appointment. If the recepient does not respond to this written request, the delivery service may decide to return the product to R&D Car Parts after a few days. This does not give the recipient and / or the buyer the right to a new delivery or to cancel the order.
The product can differ from the picture shown on our website. This does not entitle the customer to cancel the order or demand a new copy. R&D Car Parts will try her best to let the product resemble the product on the picture. To deviations no rights can be derived by the customer.

6. Payment

You can pay with the following methods on R&D Car Parts’ website:
  • iDeal
  • Multisafepay
  • Creditcard
In case R&D Car Parts set payment period is exceeded by a customer, the customer is considered to be in a legal case and this entitles R&D Car Parts to charge the legal interest rate to the customer from the moment the customer is exceeding R&D Car Parts’ payment period.
All payments have to be without any deduction or setoff, except in a case of bankruptcy, or/and giving suspension of payment to the customer, will be directly listed on our website, or by transferring the amount to R&D Car Parts’ bank-account.
In case of not, or delayed, paying the set amount from the customer to R&D Car Parts, the customer will pay every cost made, including non-legal as all legal costs involved for R&D Car Parts with collecting the set amount from the customer. This includes all (extra) administration costs and all collection costs.

7. Property

All delivered products to the customer remain property of R&D Car Parts until the products are fully paid and delivered.

8. Complaints

The delivered products are supposed to meet the valid quality conditions, decided upon by R&D Car Parts.
Complaints regarding visible defects of the delivered products have to be immediately after, or within 24 hours of receiving, reported to R&D Car Parts via phone or email.
Complaints with regards to the quality have to reported to R&D Car Parts within 4 days after delivery.
Complaints with regards to the delivery of the products have to be reported to R&D Car Parts within 48 hours after the original delivery date.
May there be defects to a part of the delivered goods, this does not entitle the customer to disapprove the complete delivery.
Complaints with regards to a particular delivery does not affect any prior or posterior delivery.

9. Cancellations

Deliveries within the Netherlands can be cancelled up to 48 hours before delivery.
The cost of cancelling an order costs 10% of the total order amount, with a minimum of € 5,00 (five). R&D Car Parts will take care of repayments, made to be within 21 days after the original order date. R&D Car Parts is entitled to minus the cancellation costs on the original order amount.
Exceptions are made for businesses buying on credit. These can cancel any order within the set period without any cost.

10. Applicable right

On all agreements where these terms and conditions are applicable, fully or partly, the Dutch law is applicable.
In all cases where these terms and conditions do not foresee, the Dutch law is applicable.
In case and if any part or any provision of these terms and conditions are conflicting with any other terms, conditions or provisions from national or international law, that term, condition, provision will not stand. These terms and conditions will be liable and these terms and conditions will be remain for both parties.
All disputes (also disputes that only are connotated as such by one party) with regards to or arising from the between R&D Car Parts and a foreign based customer agreed contract where these terms and conditions are applicable, can be judged by a Dutch judge who is qualified to judge within the jurisdiction where R&D Car Parts is based.

11. Personal data

Your data is needed to deal with your orders and your enquiries. We will not transmit your data to third parties.
R&D Car Parts is entitled to use all your data to send you non-committal offers, or information about products related to your previous order or enquiry. If you do not wish to receive this, R&D Car Parts has to be notified and will exclude you from any further promotions.

12. Miscellaneous

In case one or more of these terms and conditions or any other contract/agreement with R&D Car Parts could be conflicting with any applicable law, the particular term or condition will expire and R&D Car Parts will set a new condition.
R&D Car Parts is entitled to make use of third parties for processing your order.
The administration of R&D Car Parts qualifies as full proof of the existence, the content and the execution of the agreement with the customer in a possible juridical procedure, until the other party proofs R&D Car Parts wrong.

13. Warranty conditions

Reservations made upon receipt of the products regarding missing components, non-ordered parts or the condition of the packages and products must be notified within 24 hours after delivery to R&D Car Parts. Appeal in any dispute or return under the warranty does not suspend the payment of the buyer towards R&D Car Parts. Each product is warranted in the case unsuitable for use as indicated by R&D Car Parts by non-compliant or malfunctions, which stems from a design, manufacturing or material defect. The warranty is valid for a period of twelve (12) months after the date of sale to the end user of the vehicle, within a maximum period of 24 months from the date of sale by R&D Car Parts to its customer, the invoice date is the date of sale. Only products whose production date more than four (4) years has not expired, are covered by the warranty.
The guarantee does not apply if the defect is caused by abnormal use, especially in case of overload, car races and - rallies, poor or lack of maintenance, accidental or use use other than described in the instructions supplied with the product, improper storage (eg shock absorbers, gas springs, rubber and rubber-metal components), fitting where the instructions and specifications of R&D Car Parts or the car manufacturer have not been folowed or the the rules of the profession, or by normal wear of the product.
The warranty is expressly limited to cost-free replacement or reimbursement of the products or parts which R&D Car Parts has recognized that they are flawed, excluding any compensation regardless of the basis, and in particular the exclusion of any written compensation for loss and damage of any kind. R&D Car Parts, depending on the nature of the warranty claim, is free in its choice between replacement or refund of the product which is found to be defective. Reimbursement is made on the basis of the price charged by R&D Car Parts to the customer. Replacement based on the guarantee does not extend the original warranty period as a result. The cost of dismantling and reassembly of a product are not included in the warranty.
In case of acceptance of the guarantee request by R&D Car Parts Postage will be reimbursed on the basis of supporting documents. Subject to statutory regulations, R&D Car Parts shall not be liable for damage caused by a product on other things, for any damage or has been, directly or indirectly caused by equipment or components not in her statement are market and / or other equipment or parts which are used to form part of a whole. In particular, R&D Car Parts is not liable for a defect in one of its components that is caused by other adjacent components or parts in the vehicle with which they relate, or consequential damages.
R&D Car Parts is not liable for any material damage such as loss of clientele, sales, production and margin or degradation of image, or for damages resulting from claims of third parties against the purchaser or conviction of the buyer.
R&D Car Parts reserves the right to change the warranty conditions regularly. Before placing an order, the customer must check whether he is in possession of the general terms and conditions and warranty conditions applicable at that time. R&D Car Parts will send the most recent version on first request.

Article 14. Returns

You can return the ordered items in the original packaging within 14 days of receipt.
Returned items without a return form will be refused.
The following items cannot be returned:
  • Products ordered especially for you.
  • Electronic parts.
  • Products that are custom made or cut (such as a hose or cable).
  • Damaged parts, unless this is the reason for return and this is stated on the return form.
  • Parts that have been mounted.
If the returned product is damaged, or the packaging is more damaged than necessary to view the product, R&D Car Parts can pass on a depreciation of the product to you.
You are only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the use of the goods beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. The depreciation can be up to 100%.
The postage costs incurred by you for the return (shipment to R&D Car Parts) will not be reimbursed.
If you only return part of your order, the delivery costs will not be refunded.
In the event that the return shipment to R&D Car Parts is lost, you bear the risk.
R&D Car Parts will refund you with the same payment method with which you performed the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. No fee will be charged for such refund.

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