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Warranty and return conditions

13. Warranty conditions

Reservations made upon receipt of the products regarding missing components, non-ordered parts or the condition of the packages and products must be notified within 24 hours after delivery to R&D Car Parts. Appeal in any dispute or return under the warranty does not suspend the payment of the buyer towards R&D Car Parts. Each product is warranted in the case unsuitable for use as indicated by R&D Car Parts by non-compliant or malfunctions, which stems from a design, manufacturing or material defect. The warranty is valid for a period of twelve (12) months after the date of sale to the end user of the vehicle, within a maximum period of 24 months from the date of sale by R&D Car Parts to its customer, the invoice date is the date of sale. Only products whose production date more than four (4) years has not expired, are covered by the warranty.
The guarantee does not apply if the defect is caused by abnormal use, especially in case of overload, car races and - rallies, poor or lack of maintenance, accidental or use use other than described in the instructions supplied with the product, improper storage (eg shock absorbers, gas springs, rubber and rubber-metal components), fitting where the instructions and specifications of R&D Car Parts or the car manufacturer have not been folowed or the the rules of the profession, or by normal wear of the product.
The warranty is expressly limited to cost-free replacement or reimbursement of the products or parts which R&D Car Parts has recognized that they are flawed, excluding any compensation regardless of the basis, and in particular the exclusion of any written compensation for loss and damage of any kind. R&D Car Parts, depending on the nature of the warranty claim, is free in its choice between replacement or refund of the product which is found to be defective. Reimbursement is made on the basis of the price charged by R&D Car Parts to the customer. Replacement based on the guarantee does not extend the original warranty period as a result. The cost of dismantling and reassembly of a product are not included in the warranty.
In case of acceptance of the guarantee request by R&D Car Parts Postage will be reimbursed on the basis of supporting documents. Subject to statutory regulations, R&D Car Parts shall not be liable for damage caused by a product on other things, for any damage or has been, directly or indirectly caused by equipment or components not in her statement are market and / or other equipment or parts which are used to form part of a whole. In particular, R&D Car Parts is not liable for a defect in one of its components that is caused by other adjacent components or parts in the vehicle with which they relate, or consequential damages.
R&D Car Parts is not liable for any material damage such as loss of clientele, sales, production and margin or degradation of image, or for damages resulting from claims of third parties against the purchaser or conviction of the buyer.
R&D Car Parts reserves the right to change the warranty conditions on a regular basis. Before placing an order, the buyer must check whether he is in possession of the general terms and conditions and guarantee conditions applicable at that time. R&D Car Parts will send the most recent version on first request.

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*) Our return warranty is not applicable to electrical and special orderered parts.
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