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Saab all Renovo Soft Top Reviver, Black 1L

Part no:  RD262
Reference:  RD262
Brand:  Renovo 
Condition:  New 
Availability:    1 piece in stock
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RD262, Saab, All, Volvo, Renovo, Soft, Top, Reviver, Black, 1l
RD262, Saab, All, Volvo, Renovo, Soft, Top, Reviver, Black, 1l

Renovo Soft Top Reviver


The Soft Top Reviver creates a refreshment of your convertible top color and also restores the condition of your convertible top. Available in three colors: black, dark blue. Produces stunning results on your (classic) convertible top.


Quick Guide:


Shake well before use, do not dilute. Apply Reviver evenly on a clean and dry roof with a brush. Apply a second coat after two hours if the roof is very faded. Remove spilled drops immediately with a damp cloth. After about 2 hours of drying protect the roof with a waterproofing protection.


Contents 1L.


Check the Renovo YouTube chgannel here. 

Suitable for:
Car Model
Saab All
Volvo All
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