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Renovo Convertible roof cleaner

Part no:  RD257
O/E references:  8890071, RD257
Brand:  Renovo 
Condition:  New 
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8890071, RD257, Saab, All, Volvo, Renovo, Convertible, Roof, Cleaner
After receiving excellent reviews from many including from the UK now available at R & D Car Parts:
Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner

Cleaning Shampoo to gently remove dirt and stains from fabric roofs. Removes dirt, tree resin, bird droppings and salt and improves the condition of the fabric.

  1. Dry brush the soft-top to remove any residual dirt.

  2. Dampen surface of Soft Top with a mist spray of water or a damp sponge.

  3. Shake bottle well prior to removing top.

  4. Pour into suitable container.

  5. Apply with a clean 2" paint brush using even brush strokes. Start at the centre of the cover working out towards the edge.

  6. Leave for 10-20 minutes to ensure the cleaner can work on difficult grime and stains.

  7. Commence scrubbing using warm water and a sponge, cloth or bristle brush until the cleaner begins to lather and dirt is being removed easily. Finish by rinsing off with water. Repeat the whole process if necessary.

 500ml content.

Suitable for:
Car Model
Saab All
Volvo All
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