R&D Car Parts is dealer of do88 Silicone hoses


do88 silicone hoses and cooling solutions for better reliability and better engine performances. 
R&D Car Parts is dealer of the swedish do88, manufacturer of silicone hoses and performance intercoolers, radiators and oil coolers.
The do88 silicone hose sets are intended for both motor sports and the sporty driver on public roads.
The high-quality hoses and cooling parts provide better performance and reduce the risk of engine damage caused by ripping original hoses.

Due to its Swedish origin, do88 has an extensive range of silicone hoses for almost all Saab and Volvo models. The silicone hoses are supplied in the colors black, blue and red.
Why silicone hoses compared to rubber hoses?
Silicone hoses have been an important development in the parts industry because of their better properties compared to rubber hoses.
The great advantage of a silicone hose compared to a rubber hose is that the silicone hose is more resistant to liquids, temperatures and pressure differences. 
Original hoses are made of rubber. Rubber has the property to dry out and harden over time. This makes them less flexible, resulting in leakage due to cracks. Also, rubber is not resistant to oil. If oil is leaking on a rubber hose, it will become weak. This can result in tearing of these hoses. Silicone hoses have the property that they do not dry out or become hard and will therefore not tear.
Silicone hoses and tuning
The inlet and cooling hoses of the engine are heavily loaded after a tuning upgrade. There is more pressure on the intake system. Also, the engine temperature (local) increase further than that of a engine without tuning. 
If you get more power from an engine, it is therefore important to assemble good hoses with good couplings and clamps.
The do88 silicone hoses have been specially developed for optimal performance under higher pressure and higher temperatures. 

Do you have questions about the do88 solutions? Feel free to contact us.


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