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12783781, Saab, 9-3, Electrical, Interior, Body, Keys, Remote, /, Central, Locking, Transmitter, 9-3ss
€ 69,  (€ 83,49 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
4926069, 5256052, 8781924, Saab, 9-3, 900, Transmission, Automatic gearbox parts, Switch position sensors, Electrical, Sensors, Switches automatic gearbox, Switches, Np, Switch, 900ng, From
€ 199,  (€ 240,79 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
93196710, Saab, 9-3, Transmission, Clutch, Flywheel, Dual, Mass, 9-3ss/9-5, 1.9dth
€ 299,  (€ 361,79 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
12783362, Saab, 9-3, Body, Interior, Steering weels, Special, Offer:, Leather, Steering, Wheel
€ 225,  (€ 272,25 incl. VAT)
Genuine Saab
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